Hi there! I'm Jenn, and I'm so happy to welcome you to my little home here on the web!

A little about me: I love Jesus...He is my Savior and my very best Friend. I adore my sweet husband and two beautiful girls are just the BEST! And I love our little may be short on square footage, but it's big on love!

I was once an elementary school teacher, and then a preschool ministry director for a few years. Now my days are mostly filled with homemaking and mom stuff - and I absolutely love it. I have also been blessed to be able to dabble in a bit of graphic design, which I get to do from home in my pj's, so that's pretty awesome. I'm a maker. I love making all sorts of things. But what I enjoy making most are memories. I love celebrating special days, embracing small moments, and capturing as much as I can in photos. I'm also a recovering perfectionist, learning (slowly) to embrace the imperfections in every day. I don't have it all together (honestly, I'm a big imperfect mess most days), but I'm leaning hard into the One who holds me all together. I've learned (and am still learning) to look for beauty in unexpected places and to count every moment along this crazy wonderful journey as glorious grace. 

I believe that every day is a gift. Every day gives us something to celebrate. Every day is filled with opportunities to intentionally create memories and share joy with others. And that is the heart behind everything I do here.


A little about this site: The purpose of this website is to inspire you to create a home that intentionally celebrates the gift of every day, the joy of family, and the love of Jesus. In a world that moves so fast, and in a culture that glorifies the busy, I hope this site will encourage you (and remind me) to slow down the hurry and take time to create memories with the ones we love, and to intentionally impress God's Word and His love on the hearts of our families. Whether it's an encouraging blog post, a printable product to brighten your home or a party kit to help you celebrate a special day, I hope you will find something to encourage you or inspire you here.

So grab a cozy blanket, pour yourself a cup of coffee, and make yourself at home! I'm so glad you're here!