Death That Produces Life

John 12:24, death that produces life

It starts with a seed.

With what has died.

Something small.  Something plain.

A seed is not flashy.  It doesn’t sparkle or glow.

It doesn’t look like much from the outside.

But if it is buried...

If it dies and is buried, covered in dirt and dark.

Then if it is watered…put in the sun…

something amazing happens.

It comes back to produces new life…beautiful life.  And it produces fruit and crops, abundant and multiplied.

All from one little seed. That died. And was buried.

John 12:24, death that produces life

This verse has been weaving its way through my thoughts a lot the past couple of weeks…especially as I am planning and starting this year’s garden.

There is just so much meaning in the words of that verse.

Unless it dies…it remains alone. But it's death will produce MANY new kernels...a plentiful harvest of new lives.

It's death that brings life.

Christ’s death brought us eternal life…our death in Him gives us new life…abundant and multiplied.

And then we produce fruit and multiply…we spread more seeds…

It’s how it works.  It’s all part of God’s perfect plan.

First, there is death.

Then, there is life.

Death is only the beginning.  It’s only a seed.

It’s what happens next that’s the miracle.