On Psalms...and trust


I just finished reading through Psalms...again.  I love that book.  I have highlighted and underlined and journaled about so many verses in that book.  Each time I read it my soul is reminded of truths that I know, but sometimes forget...this chronic "soul amnesia" a constant struggle.  Psalms is good for that.  For helping me remember.  The whole Bible is good for that, I know...but lately Psalms has just been the book that has tugged deepest at my soul-strings.  And the word that keeps resonating and staying with me, every day, through every verse, through every string of beautiful words...is trust.  Just trust. Want peace?  Trust God.

Struggling with anxiety?  Trust God.

Have problems with enemies trying to tear you down and beat you up?  Trust God.

Unsure of the future?  Trust God.

Hurting?  Trust God.

Soul feel crushed?  Trust God.

Bearing a heavy load?  Trust God.

Just. Trust. God.

Because He is great, He is worthy, He is powerful, He is trustworthy, He is our rock, He is our shelter, He is our refuge, He is our strength.  We can praise Him, we can be filled with joy, and we can have peace...no matter what we are facing, no matter what we are feeling, no matter what is going on around us...because we can trust Him.  He who parts the sea, He who hears every cry, He who collects each and every tear, He who goes before us and follows us, He who knew formed us and shaped us and knew us before we were even born...He has everything in His hands, and we are safe under His wings, and we can trust Him...always.

Did I mention I love Psalms?

As I've been reading, I have been randomly making a few of the verses into little graphics and sharing them on Instagram.  They are nothing fancy, just little reminders to me of the big truths in these amazing verses.

I've made a few of them into printables that you are more than welcome to print and use :)  These are just 8 little verses, a handful in a loooonnnng list of my favorites.  There are so many wonderful verses in Psalms. If you haven't taken the time to really dig into that book, I encourage you to take some time to slow down and really meditate on the words in there.  It took me about a month to read through the whole book, and every single day there was at least one verse (usually several) that God used to stir my soul and remind me to trust Him, to praise Him, to love Him, to follow Him.

Maybe some of these verses will encourage your soul today too... :)

Psalm 63:1

Psalm 77:19

Psalm 105:19

Psalm 111:2

Psalm 115:1

Psalm 130:5

Psalm 139:5

Psalm 145:14

~~{ To get the whole set, in 4x4 square printables, CLICK HERE }~~

(or you can click on each individual graphic to download the individual image)