Monday Inspiration


Well, it's been a crazy couple of weeks around here.  Let's see if I can get back on track this week ;) Here are just a few things that are inspiring me this week:

This book.

Soul Keeping, by John Ortberg.

"You think you have to be someplace else or accomplish something more to find peace.  But it's right here.  God has yet to bless anyone except where they actually are.  Your soul is not just something that lives on after your body dies.  It's the most important thing about you.  It is your life."

I've been working my way through this book, and I love it.  I have underlined and marked up so many pages.  It is such a book about caring for your soul.  I'm hoping to finish it this week, but I'm sure it's one I will read and reread again.


Lilly's birthday is coming up on Sunday, and we are celebrating with a little animal-themed fun. So this week will be full of preparations for her special day, including making some little favors and decorations for the I've been collecting ideas and this week I'll be pulling it all together and making a few of these things:

These Animal Jars - I love the idea of spray painting little toy animals....these would make great party favors!

Tiny little mini animal party hats - Lilly has a TON of little plastic cute would it be to just add a little birthday hat on some of them?!  I'm thinking possible cupcake toppers, maybe....??


Balloon Animals - I'm thinking of trying to make some of these and putting them on sticks/dowel rods for Lilly's birthday.  We're having the party at a nature park, so decorations will be minimal. But if I make a few different animals and put them on sticks, then I can put the sticks in jars to put on the picnic tables for a quick and easy decoration...and then the kids can each have one to take home. I've never made them before, but these tutorials I found look pretty easy (maybe)...It's worth a try!


Crockpot S'mores Fondue - One of our upcoming Family Nights is going to be a "Fondue Night", so I've been on the hunt for some yummy fondue recipes.  This one looks like it would make a great dessert fondue!  I think we'll at least have to try it!


I love this verse from Psalms.  And I've been painting with watercolors a lot lately, and this is my first watercolor feather.  So I made a little printable and I'm sharing it with you.  May you be comforted this week knowing that God covers you and shelters you under the feathers of His wings.

CLICK HERE to download the 5x7 Printable


That's all for now!  I hope you have a beautifully inspired week!!