31 Days of Peace

31 Days of Peace

So, each year there's this little writing challenge for the month of October.  31 days.  One topic. Write. Every. Day. I am generally very inconsistent with my writing, so I thought this challenge would be a good way to push myself to really put my thoughts into words every single day.  Fingers crossed...I can do this! ;)

The topic I chose is a topic that I actually chose for myself months ago.  It's my "One Word" for this year...the one thing I started this year pursuing, wanting to learn more about, wanting to claim for my life in 2014: Peace.


I debated writing about this for 31 days in a row...I wondered if maybe I should try writing about something different and new, because I've already written a few posts about peace this year, and I wondered if I'd really have anything new to say. But it's the word I keep circling back to...the one topic that keeps pressing in, tapping me on my shoulder, bidding me to draw closer, to keep searching, to keep pursuing.

So for the next 31 days, I will write about Peace.  Soul-deep, genuine peace.

I honestly have no idea what these next 31 days may hold...I am going into this with no real plan for these posts, so real structure or agenda, only a desire to pursue peace every day.

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I'd love for you to tag along on this journey with me!  I'll be updating this post with new links to all my posts every day {see list below}.  Or you can subscribe to my blog via email (see sidebar on the right) and you can receive every post in your inbox each day!


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