A Peace that Exhales

DailyBannerHeader_Day6 There is a peace that comes as an exhale...

That moment when the storm that threatened to destroy makes way to calm,

When the clouds begin to part and a ray of light breaks through,

When the winds still and the waves start to subside...

That moment when you realize that the imminent danger is past,

When you can stop holding your breath...

when you can just....exhale.


I believe it more today than ever before: Peace is possible at ALL times - because God is present in ALL circumstances.

He gives peace in the middle of the storms - His presence in the hardest of times.  And He gives peace when storms subside - the sweet grace of a deep exhale.

All peace is rooted in trust...a trust that God is there, a trust in His presence and His plan and His goodness in ALL things...a trust that He is working it all together for good, that He intends it ALL for good.


Tonight I am thankful for the peace that comes after a storm...the sweet peace that exhales.

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