It's Pumpkin Night!

We have this fun little tradition in our family every October...we call it "Pumpkin Night."

And tonight is our Pumpkin Night! Tonight we will pull out all the pumpkin-carving tools and we'll throw newspapers across the table...we'll eat pumpkin cookies and pumpkin bread (and any other fun pumpkin foods I can find), and we'll sip orange soda (because it's the color of pumpkins ;) )...I'll string up a little handmade "Pumpkin Night" banner and put out a bowl of festive candies...we'll carve pumpkins and color pumpkins (and some years we paint our pumpkins), and we'll make a big fun mess in the process!

Usually this is a family night for us, but this year we're inviting our life group friends over to join in the fun. It's super informal...we'll probably be wearing our pajama pants and there will probably still be dust and dirt on my floor because it has been a crazy week and mopping the floors just didn't make the cut. But that doesn't matter. The house doesn't have to look perfect, and the evening doesn't have to be super planned out. Family nights don't have to be complicated...they really shouldn't be complicated or else we can end up missing the's just time that we intentionally set aside to do something together. So tonight we're just grabbing a pumpkin and gathering together to have some no-stress, pumpkin-themed fun!

This year I made a little coloring page that I'm putting out with some colored pencils and crayons for the kids (and adults ;) ) to color. 

I'd love to share a little of the pumpkin fun with you, so here's the pumpkin coloring page FREE for you to enjoy with your own family and friends:

Happy Pumpkin Night, friends!!!