"Thankfulness is a secret passageway..."

"Thankfulness is a secret passageway into a room you can't find any other way. It is the wardrobe to Narnia. It allows us to discover the rest of God - those dimensions of God's world, God's presence, God's character that are hidden, always, from the thankless. Ingratitude is an eye disease every bit as much as a heart disease. It sees only flaws, scars, scarcity. Likewise, the god of the thankless is wary, stingy, grudging, bumbling, nitpicky. He's by turns meddlesome and apathetic, suspicious then indifferent, grubbing about in our domestic trifles one moment, oblivious to our personal catastrophes the next.

But to give thanks, to render it as Scripture tells us we ought - in all circumstances, for all things, to the glory of God - such thanksgiving becomes a declaration of God's sovereign goodness. Even more, it trains us in a growing awareness of that sovereign goodness. You cannot practice thankfulness on a biblical scale without its altering the way you see. And the more you do it, the more you find cause for doing it. Inherent in a life of thanksgiving is an ongoing discovery of God's sufficiency, his generosity, his fatherly affection, and warrior protection. 'To the faithful,' David said of God, 'you show yourself faithful.' (2 Sam. 22:26)"

- Mark Buchanan, The Rest of God

Happy Thanksgiving, friends!
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