The Ninth Day of Christmas Traditions & Freebies: A Christmas Carol Night

Another fun themed family night that we did this year was our "Christmas Carol Night." It actually started because the girls wanted to do a lip-sync battle with Christmas songs, and as we talked about it and kept adding ideas, it grew and grew until it was a fully themed-out family night with games, crafts, food, and a movie! And we had so much fun, we all agreed that we will definitely do it again next year!

So...going with the whole theme of "Christmas carols," the night involved lots of music, and games about well-known Christmas songs. Then we shifted gears and made some pomanders and sipped wassail as we watched "A Christmas Carol" (which isn't really about Christmas songs, but since it's called "A Christmas Carol" we all agreed it still went with the theme ;) Plus, the Muppets version of A Christmas Carol is just plain wonderful, so any excuse to watch it is fine by me ;) ). 

Here's what we did:

  • We had a little Christmas lip sync battle. We just played the Christmas station on the radio and took turns lip-syncing the songs that came on. It was actually pretty hilarious.
  • We did some Christmas Song Mad Libs.

I found this set of 5 free mad libs online, and so we used those...the girls loved it! (We especially laughed at the line in "Deck the Halls" when they chose "donkey" as a noun and the line then read "Strike the donkey and join the chorus" ;) Good times, good times.)

  • We played this Christmas Song Picture Game - we teamed up and tried to see how many Christmas songs we could guess based on the pictures in 5 minutes. (This one I found is not the best quality, but it's the one I found quickly on Pinterest and it worked good enough. And sometimes good enough is, well, good enough. Maybe I'll make a better quality one for next year...or maybe we'll just print this one again and call it good...we'll see ;) )
  • We made pomanders. Just oranges and cloves...who knew it could be so much fun?! And they smell SOOO good!! 
  • We watched "The Muppets Christmas Carol" (There are lots of versions of "A Christmas Carol," but the Muppets one just might be our favorite)
  • I made some wassail using my Great Aunt June's recipe. I put in on the stove that morning and it simmered all day. The whole house smelled so wonderful. And it tasted like Christmas.

The smell of simmering wassail takes me back to the days when my mom's side of the family used to gather together for a big family reunion. I remember the smell of the wassail, the taste of the homemade caramel cake, the big tin full of full-sized candy bars beside Uncle Johnny's chair. Aunt June passed away several years ago...the family is smaller now...there are no more family reunions. But the memories linger. And I hope I can create some of those kinds of memories for my family too.

Today I'm sharing a bit of my family with you by sharing my Great Aunt June's Wassail Recipe:

And in keeping with the Christmas Carol theme, here is a print for you to enjoy...from one of my favorite Christmas hymns, "Angels We Have Heard on High", now marked FREE in the Shop!...but only until Christmas Day!

Want to plan your own "Christmas Carol Night?"  I made a Christmas Carol Family Night Pinterest board with a few ideas to get you started:

Do you have any favorite family nights that you do together during the Christmas season? How do you make memories with your family each year? Is there anything that takes you back to the memories of Christmases past? Feel free to comment and share! I'd love to hear... :)