The Tenth Day of Christmas Traditions & Freebies: A Christmas Light Scavenger Hunt

It's the week of Christmas!!! This week is always so much fun....and so much crazy. It's the week I have to be a little extra intentional about our time as a family, because it can very quickly turn into a whirlwind of activity and busyness...all those last-minute to-do's and to-wrap's and to-go's and to-prepare' can all pile up fast and drown out what is most important. (And as a recovering perfectionist and a world-class procrastinator, this week can often produce the perfect storm of stress if I am not super intentional about slowing down, focusing on Jesus, embracing all the small imperfect moments, and making the most of the time that we have together as a family this week).

So today I'm sharing one of our week-of-Christmas traditions: a Christmas Light Scavenger Hunt! A night or two before Christmas, we drive around and look at Christmas lights. We make a whole evening out of it: we wear our pajamas, we make some hot cocoa and cookies to take in the car to enjoy as we drive around, and we make a whole "scavenger hunt" game out of it by hunting for different things as we look at all the lights and decorations.

Some years we make our own "scavenger hunt" list of things we want to try to find. Last year we printed the Scavenger Hunt from the free printables at

This year, I made some little BINGO cards that we are going to use, just to change it up a little bit. Each of us will have a card and some stickers (or just a marker or pen or crayon or something if I don't make it to the store to get some stickers ;) ). As we see any of the things on our cards, we will mark it with a sticker (or cross it out). I'm thinking of bringing a few candies in the car and whenever we get 5 in a row, we get a piece of candy. Each card has the same items on it, but in a different arrangement, so we won't all get "Bingo" at the same time.

Christmas Light Bingo Cards from Little House Studio
Christmas Light Bingo Cards from Little House Studio

Want your own set of Christmas Light Bingo Cards? Just CLICK HERE and download the printable bingo cards to enjoy as you look at lights with your family this week! 

Merry Christmas!!