Welcome to my new "Home Sweet Home"

Well, here it is!! After months of dreaming and planning and trying to figure it all out, I am finally so very happy to welcome you to my new "home sweet home" on the web! Little House on the Circle is now officially Little House Studio!! YAY!!!!

And there is even more excitement just around the corner!  In about a month I am planning to open up the "shop" part of this website, a place where you can download (very affordably!) all kinds of prints for your home and your family! I'm working super hard behind the scenes to get everything just right for the grand opening, so stay tuned for more updates as that big day gets closer!

For now, I will be blogging here every week, sharing my heart and hopefully some helpful ideas along the way. I've transferred all my blog posts from the other site over here, so all the same content is still here for you to browse through. But be sure to subscribe in order to get the latest updates (and special goodies that I'll send just for my subscribers!). Even if you were already subscribed to Little House on the Circle, you will need to subscribe again for this site. (Sorry about any inconvenience! I've figured a lot of things out, but how to transfer all my subscribers is one thing I didn't quite figure out. Thanks for taking the time to subscribe again!)

You can also stay updated through the new Little House Studio Facebook Page! Just click the image below and "like" the page, and you'll get updates right in your news feed!

Click to go to the new Little House Studio Facebook page!

Click to go to the new Little House Studio Facebook page!

So take a look around and let me know what you think! I have poured my heart into this new site, and I still have quite a bit left to do to get it "just right"...but I hope you like it here and you'll stick around for the journey with me! 

And as a thank you for joining me today and celebrating this new little internet home, I have a free printable for you! Download and print this "Home Sweet Home" sign for your home! I hope it will add a spot of joy to the place you call home.