Change is hard. But it is not the boss.


Life is full of change. All kinds of change. The good, the bad, and the ugly kind…the kind we pray for and the kind we mourn over…the kind that causes us to leap for joy and the kind that leaves us crumpled on the ground wondering how we’re going to get back up…and every kind of change in between.

Change is just a part of life. No one is exempt from it. But some handle it better than others.

I am one of the others.

You would think that growing up as a military kid and moving around all over the place for half of my life would leave me fairly resilient when it comes to change. You would think that the older I get and the more change I experience that it would somehow get a little easier, that I’d grow a bit more flexible to it, that I would cope gracefully with every new change that comes my way.

Yeah…not so much.

Just this weekend, my best friend moved away. Ask me how I’m handling that one. Yeah…not so stellar. 

Not all change is hard, but some changes are really really hard.

But even though I have a less than awesome track record with handling change, there is one thing I have learned along the way: every change is like an open door, an invitation to draw a little closer to Jesus, the One who never ever changes, and to trust in His goodness and His love that will never ever end.

I think that’s why I like this new book, Girl Meets Change by Kristen Strong, so much…she gets it. Change is hard. But change is not the boss, and change is not the end.

Kristen writes, “…change isn’t something to jump away from in fear. It’s something we can walk toward with an assurance of safety. We can look it in the eyes, uncross our arms, and acknowledge it by calling it what it is: God’s next best thing for us. We can open our arms toward heaven knowing that this change, no matter how intimidating, is approved by a good, gentle, and gracious God who desires us to see and feel him in our everyday lives.”

I can open my arms and accept this change knowing that God is good and He has a plan and a purpose. Change may shake me a bit…it may even leave a dark thick fog in its wake...but I don’t have to be afraid of the shaking or of the dark or of the unknown, because I have Jesus. I can trust Him. I am safe.

“God doesn’t want us to worry about the tomorrows of change because he wants us to see all the ways he’s taking care of us today. He wants us to look in the rearview mirror and remember all the ways he’s taken care of us in the past. And he wants us to have eyes of faith to believe that he will care for us tomorrow too.”

“Of course, hope is still there, even when we can’t see it. It waits quietly, easily overlooked next to attention-seeking change. It’s there because God is there, reminding our hearts of this truth: When you’re tempted to despair about this change, just reorient your heart’s location to me, because I never, ever change.”

- Kristen Strong, Girl Meets Change

I was so excited to be a part of the book launch team for this book, and I loved getting to read the advanced reading copy of the book. Today is the official release day for the book, and I couldn't be more thrilled to share my thoughts on this little gem of a book with you. I have gotten to know Kristen over the past few months, and I can tell you that she is the real deal…a genuine and kind soul who loves Jesus and is passionate about seeing others find security and peace in Him, especially through all of life’s changes.

This is a great book for anyone facing any kind of change…especially those who are like me and don't exactly see change as a welcomed friend.

Not sure how you feel about change? Is change your friend or your enemy…or maybe even your frenemy? Well, Kristen put together this super great little quiz you can take to find out! (And there’s even a little excerpt from her book at the end!) Just click below to go to her post about the quiz, and then you can take the quiz from there!

You can get your own copy of Girl Meets Change here or here. And you can read more about Girl Meets Change over at

And BONUS: if you purchase the book now through the end of the month, you’ll get a FREE companion study guide! Read more about that over on Kristen’s blog.

“...sometimes God allows change in our lives so we can have his presence like never before.” 
“...the lonely, quieter space brought by change is a prime opportunity to open our hearts to see exactly what Jesus wants to teach us.”

- Kristen Strong, Girl Meets Change

Changes in my life right now have opened up a tender, hurting place in me…it is a lonely, quiet space. But I am thankful, because this is actually the perfect place for me to experience God’s presence and lean even deeper into the arms of His everlasting love.

And that is how change can become a grace, a blessing, a gift.

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