Because Teachers are Awesome {a little teacher gift idea & free printables}

My girls' last day of school was yesterday. (Yay, summer!!!) 

To say the month of May has been a bit busy would be putting it has been bordering on insane. (Anyone else feel like this is the craziest month of the year?! Seriously.)  But in the middle of all the projects and events and programs and deadlines and sickness, I wanted to make sure I took the time to thank a few people who were especially instrumental in helping my girls not only survive this school year, but who inspired them to excel and genuinely loved them and invested in their hearts throughout this year.

Between the two of them, we counted 15 teachers who have taught our girls this year...15 teachers who loved them and invested their time and talents and so much of themselves into the lives of not only our girls, but all of their students. These are 15 gifted people whose work never really ends, who spend countless hours planning and teaching and grading papers and evaluating progress, who attend meetings and trainings and continuing education classes, who almost every year have to adjust and adapt to curriculum changes or new testing requirements. And all the while, many of them are raising their own families, volunteering in our community, and doing so much more than anyone ever sees. These are 15 precious souls who are changing the world with every encouraging word they share, every dream they inspire, every lesson they teach, every challenge they overcome, every hug they give, and every single ounce of love they so generously pour out onto every student that comes through their classrooms.

I am so thankful for my girls' teachers. I could never thank them enough for all that they do. I wish I could send them all on a vacation or something.

But gratitude doesn't always have to be extravagant to be meaningful...and just because you can't do something big doesn't mean you might as well not do anything at all. We couldn't give every teacher a big gift this year, but I still wanted to thank each of them in some way. So we kept it simple: A Redbox movie rental code and a bag of homemade chocolate drizzled caramel popcorn. It's really not much, just a tiny token of our gratitude...just a little reminder that they are loved and appreciated.

I found the recipe for the popcorn on Pinterest. You can find the recipe and all the details for how to make it over on the eighteen25 blog here. The only thing we did differently from the recipe was that we used Ghirardelli semi-sweet chocolate and white chocolate to drizzle over the popcorn. But the recipe worked great, and we ended up with SO MUCH popcorn! We are still munching on the leftovers ;) 

Then I purchased the rental codes over on - you can buy bundles of 5, 10, 20, etc. (I had them just emailed to myself when I bought them, and I put a different code on each card for the teachers - super easy!)

And I made my own tags for the popcorn and gift bags, and a card for the Redbox rental codes. The free printable PDF files are below, if you'd like to print and make your own for the special teachers in your kids' lives. :) (Just click on the links below to download the printable PDF files)

Redbox Rental Code Cards

"Thanks for a Great Year" gift tags

"Chocolate Drizzled Caramel Popcorn" gift tags

Teachers, we love you! We could never thank you enough for all you do to partner with us on this journey of raising this next generation of world-changers, preparing them to go out and make a difference in their communities and the world! YOU ROCK!